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Weekly Roundup: NIL, Business of Athletes and Sports (May 8-14)

Weekly Roundup: NIL, Business of Athletes and Sports (May 8-14)

Ohio State RB, NIL millionaires, Tom Brady and Naomi Osaka pull big time moves

Audio Timeline:

0:24 - Feel good stories: Donating entire NBA salary, US Open qualifier

2:08 - NIL: $100K to not transfer, Ohio State RB, first Nike woman athlete, Is the transfer model sustainable?

6:24 - Business of Athletes: $250k in prize money, smart dumbbell investment, Tom Brady and Naomi Osaka

10:27 - Sports Biz/Tech: WNBA expansion, PGA competitor, $125B for sports betting, and FIFA + EA Sports

Interesting Stat

This is wild.

(Michael Wagstaffe/Yahoo Sports illustration)

Without ever broadcasting a game, Tom Brady is set to make more than double Tony Romo’s current contract.

The money aside, it’s great to see athletes take on major roles within other professions upon retiring (if Brady ever decides to).

Short Passage of The Week

"The sun will rise and set regardless. What we choose to do with the light while it's here is up to us. Journey wisely." 

  • Small steps, every day, will add up. 

  • Short-term discomfort for long-term peace.

  • Pick your path: Work and burnout or work and rest.

  • I am not what happens to me. I am what I choose to become.

  • Don't get caught up on what could have been. If it should have been, it would have.

Passage by Alexandra Elle


Josh is an elite athlete and businessman (and someone I’ve learned a lot from).

Check out this thread where he breaks down his Wednesday and Sunday ritual.

Best quote from the thread:

“I don’t have to be number one. But every day I wake up, I’m gonna chase the dude who is.”

Here’s another post I enjoyed reading this past week:

Did you know…

Companies paying college athletes NIL deals are not required to withhold taxes, and will issue a tax statement reporting the gross income paid.

Thus, when a company agrees to pay an athlete $10,000 for sending out specified messages on social media, the athlete will receive a check for $10,000.

He/she is then required to report this income, and pay taxes.

The athlete can first deduct business expenses, such as agent commissions, from this income and pays tax on the net income.



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Extra Credit

This Shaq story is one my favorites

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