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Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (November 6-12)

Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (November 6-12)

NFL player buys a golf course, interesting week in web3 x sports, and some feel good Veterans Day stories.

Audio Timeline:

1:25 - Business of Athletes

  • Hall of Fame QB John Elway has invested significantly in Tom’s Watch Bar, an entertainment-focused sports super bar.

  • Mick Foley, a former pro wrestler, is the top-earning athlete on the video platform Cameo.

  • Lionel Messi is investing in the digital collectible NFT company Sorare.

  • Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Shohei Ohtani were all investors in the crumbling crypto company FTX.

  • Minnesota Viking QB, Kirk Cousins, has purchased Clearbrook Golf Course in Michigan.

4:20 - Name, Image, and Likeness

  • LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne had a weird NYT article written about how she is moving college sports backward.

  • Mike Morse x Mike Morris NIL deal.

6:40 - Future of Sports

  • Anheuser-Busch is set to purchase a Major League Pickleball team after the PPA and MLP decided to merge their team leagues.

  • Sony has acquired Beyond Sports, an AI-based data analysis and visualization company that specializes in fan engagement.

  • Web3 sports entertainment company, Eterlast, has left stealth mode to announce $4.6M in seed funding.

  • Meta is launching XTADIUM, an app for watching sports in virtual reality.

  • Barstool Sports streamed its first college basketball tournament, founder Dave Portnoy called some of the games.

  • 3STEP Sports, a youth sports club and event operator, has acquired North Bay Basketball Academy (NBBA).

Short Passage of The Week:

Today remember to smile.  

  • Smile because you can.

  • Smile because you are alive.

  • Smile because you are loved.

  • Smile because you are grateful. 

  • Smile because you have options.

  • Smile because you are divinely supported.

  • Smile because you can embrace the possibilities of today.

  • Smile because your dreams are designed to become your reality.

    Source: Commanding Life

Recommended Media

Penn State’s NIL collective, Success with Honor, created a cool campaign with player Barney Amor.

He went undercover, asking fans their thoughts about the punter.

You’ll enjoy the video:

Feel Good Story

In honor of Veterans Day, RealTruck, teamed up with pro athletes Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Dak Prescott to gift deserving veterans and first responders the truck of their dreams. 

They’re releasing it as a 3-part series with a focus on each athlete and a “hero” from their hometown.

Pro Athletes Team Up with RealTruck to Gift Deserving Veterans Their Dream Truck

When we talk about athletes in business — this is what we love to see!

Kelce, Kittle, and Prescott are also investors and ambassadors for RealTruck.

Business Jargon

With more and more digital applications these days, a common metric investors look for are Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Daily Active Users (DAUs).

DAU is the number of unique users who engage with your product in a one-day window.

MAU is the number of unique users who engage with your product over a 30-day window (usually a rolling 30 days).

For example, Twitter reportedly has 238 million DAUs — meaning ~238 million people use the app daily.


“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument” - Desmond Tutu

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