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Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (September 4-10)

Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (September 4-10)

Lebron & Bill Gates' new investment, wild high school football statistic, and the differences between PE and Venture Capital.

Audio Timeline:

0:30 - Feel good stories

  • $16M raised by pro quarterbacks, $3M for mental health services, and Planet Fitness’ initiative for teenagers.

2:45 - Business of Athletes

  • Shaquille O’Neal is contemplating an investment in the NBL (Australia). He would join current NBA players Thaddeus Young and Khris Middleton.

  • Nicklas Bendtner, a former soccer star for Arsenal F.C., recently launched his own esports company known as Prosapia Esport ApS.

  • Luka Doncic is having some trademark trouble with the USPTO as his“LUKA DONCIC” failed to register due to similar trademarks not being owned by him.

  • LeBron James, Kevin Love, and Tobias Harris are investing in Neutral Foods, a carbon-free nutrition company, alongside Mark Cuban and Bill Gates.

  • Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr has joined Oofos, an active recovery footwear brand, as an investor and ambassador.

  • Tennis great Billie Jean King is helping to launch Trailblazer Venture Studio, a new accelerator supporting women-run businesses in sports and media.

9:30 - Name, Image, and Likeness

  • Heach Coach Dabo Swinney has re-signed with Clemson for over $100M

  • Purdue and Grambling State University offer school-wide NIL opportunities to enable all athletes in getting paid.

  • An NFT-run basketball tournament helping high school basketball players get paid and also educated on web3.

14:20 - Future of Sports

  • Venturerock launched a $75M sports tech venture investment company (VIC). Athlete investors include former Dutch soccer player Mark van Bommel and former New York Jets cornerback Bryson Keeton.

  • Science in Sport, a premium performance nutrition brand, has secured $3.5M in additional funding.

  • Sorare is teaming up with the NBA to serve as the official NFT fantasy partner and will debut a new fantasy offering for the 2022-23 season.

  • The sports NFT market size is at $2.6B in 2022 and is forecasted to reach $41.6B by 2032.

  • The Saudi National Development Fund (NDF) is adopting a program to finance the gaming and e-sports sector with $80M.

  • New York Knicks named the most valuable NBA team by Forbes Magazine at $5.8B.

Interesting Stat

Here’s a map showing where most college football players come from:

Map Shows Where College Football Players Come From | News, Scores,  Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

To no surprise…

Southern California, Texas, and Florida are the hotbeds.

Perhaps a breakdown for a later date as this stuff fascinates me.

Short Passage of The Week:

Two things you get every day:

A chance, and a choice.

It is our responsibility to make the most of them today! 

  • Less phone, more reading.

  • Less facts, more intuition.

  • Less consuming, more creating.

  • Less commotion, more solitude.

  • Less talking, more listening.

  • Less controlling, more sharing.

  • Less judgment, more empathy.

How will we spend our 86,400 seconds today?

Passage by Clint Hurdle

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I enjoyed this piece by CJ Gustafson who is the founder and editor of Mostly Metrics.

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While I did a good bit of finance at Boston University, much of it slips out the backdoor. Always nice to stay sharp on the financial side of things.

I’m a firm believer in knowing a little bit about a lot of things. A “generalist” is a term that you might have heard thrown around before.


With school starting back up I thought this was an interesting thread for parents:

Financial Jargon

I included this VC vs. PE breakdown in Friday’s article and got a bunch of responses saying how helpful it was.

So here it is again as a refresher…

Venture Capital:

  • smaller investments in lots of early-stage companies

  • room for lots of other investors and funds to get involved

  • higher risk, but also higher reward

  • goal is to help companies scale

Private Equity:

  • larger investments in a few well-established companies

  • room for 1 big fund or a few high-net worth individuals

  • lower risks, lower rewards

  • goal is to optimize the business and its management team


“A skill isn’t real until it holds up under pressure”

-Drew Hanlen, NBA Skills Trainer

Thanks for tuning in today! We’ll talk again on Wednesday.



Extra Credit

It was interesting breaking down how Ronaldo manages his business moves off the field (he has a different tactic than most of the athletes I’ve covered).

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