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Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (June 19-25)

Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (June 19-25)

NIL comparison of Ohio State vs. Texas, Christiano Ronaldo's big crypto move, and major Title IX/transgender/NCAA updates

Audio Timeline:

1:05 - Business of Athletes: Title IX, Naomi Osaka’s agency, Black Owned Whiskey, Christiano Ronaldo’s crypto move, and bigger PGA Tour winnings

4:55 - NIL: Johnson v. NCAA update, Chet Holgrem speaks up, Ohio State vs. Texas NIL deals, and a major dating app NIL program

8:00 - Sports Biz/Tech: Innovations ahead of the Qatar World Cup, $40M for esports startup, and massive money headed towards sports betting

Interesting Stat

The San Antonio Spurs have unveiled their new jersey patch partner: Self.


But here’s what’s interesting…

As part of the deal, the Spurs will acquire an equity stake in the Austin-based financial tech firm.

Really innovative move that I think we’ll see more teams implement.

Short Passage of The Week

History is nothing if not a series of mankind conquering nature's limitations.

  • The printing press allowed our knowledge to conquer death. 

  • Penicillin allowed our bodies to conquer infection. 

  • Fertilizers allowed our farms to conquer famine. 

  • Steam engines allowed our ships to conquer windless seas. 

  • Airplanes allowed us to conquer gravity and distant travel. 

  • Phones allowed us to conquer long-distance communication. 

  • Computers allowed us to conquer the spatial limitations of data storage. 

Over time, these little miracles, these little breakthroughs, they compounded. Each generation built from the shoulders of their predecessors, beginning life on third base thanks to a triple hit by the generation before. 

And innovation has accelerated as a result. 

Every single thing that we take for granted today would be nothing short of a miracle to anyone who lived just 100 years ago.

Passage by Jack Raines

Interesting Stat #2

No recommended media this week so figured I would give you another interesting stat:

Before Title IX, 294,000 females were participating in high school sports nationwide and just 15% of NCAA athletes were women.

Today, those numbers are roughly 3.4 million and 46%, respectively.


This tweet really spoke to me👇

The comments are great as well:

  • I liked this but it’s not the Universe, it’s your old you not allowing you to grow into your new you…so you self-sabotage to stay in your known realm.

  • It also likes to send you enticing offers on the path to your desired state, to see how serious you are. These offers are one’s current state you would have taken on before the new intention.

Recessions hit those without a plan!     

It is strange to think we will not even know if we are in a recession until the GDP numbers for Q2 come out, but all commentary and signs are pointing to this being a reality.

A recession means there have been two straight quarters of negative GDP growth, or in simpler terms, the market value of things has gone down and not up.

Recessions do not make things easier, but they are common.

At Money Vehicle we believe in ‘Be Average’ which means - what goes up must come down.

This can be scary, but if you have built a financial plan and have your cash management in order, then it can also be an opportunity.

We know nothing will always go up, this truth means there may be some opportunity for you to get into the market when it is down or to buy items you wanted when they are on sale this summer.


“In every walk with nature…one receives far more than he seeks” - John Muir


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Extra Credit

Happy to announce I have joined Lens of Sports as an advisor.

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