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Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (May 15-21)

Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (May 15-21)

A-Rod's big investment, college coaches get heated over NIL, and some wild new tech coming to sports

Audio Timeline:

0:30 - Feel good stories: Pro Athletes go back and finish college

1:01 - NIL: Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher’s beef, NIL for Ohio high schoolers, first Nike athlete ambassadors, and more hypocrisy from college coaches

6:45 - Athlete Biz/Investments: Alex Rodriguez and Phil Mickelson stay active in the business world

8:56 - Sports Biz/Tech: Smart basketball, virtual hockey, DAOs in college athletics, and US soccer teams

Interesting Stat

This is wild:

Americans have wagered more than $125 billion on legal sports bets since legalization just four years ago.


NCAA's new federal tax records show it had $52.5 million in outside legal costs in FY21 (when the appeal of Alston to SCOTUS occurred).

Over the past 7 fiscal years, the NCAA has shown $304.5M in outside legal expenses and $69.1M in legal-cost recoveries.

Think of how many student-athlete scholarships could have been funded…

Short Passage of The Week

Every day I get up and I write from what is in my heart and I share it.

If I’m so attached to how you’re going to react to it or if I’m doing it the “right way” then I’m not focusing my effort on simply producing the best email that I can.

Think about an apple tree for a minute. What does an apple tree do? It produces apples.

It doesn’t worry that some people don't like apples or what people use its apples for, it focuses 100 percent of its efforts on producing the best apples it can. Everything else is outside of its control.
Today, be like an apple tree. Whatever it is that you have, share it with the world. Focus your attention on the process of what it is that you do. Take pride in your craftsmanship and work ethic. Let the results take care of themselves.

Passage by Steve Gilbert

Recommended Media

Interesting article by Grady Congleton on the future of youth sports.

Youth Sports Reimagined
YSR #3: The Future of Youth Sports
Several excellent organizations advocate for change within the youth sports system - and I don’t intend to take over their wonderful work - but what makes YSR different is that I am an athletic trainer working at a middle school and I believe there is a different way to build the future athlete without sacrificing their childhood. I hope you enjoy today…
Read more

I had no idea it’s a $19B industry (bigger than the NFL).


Great thread from former MLB pitcher Cory Gearrin about being called up from the minors to the big leagues. Lots of lessons packed in here.

Trae Young’s NIL advice for high school and college athletes.


“Intensity can be powerful, consistency can be transformational” - Legacy Builder


Thanks for taking the time to go through the Weekly Roundup.

I use it to keep myself in line and hopefully bring some value to you as well.



Extra Credit

“Athlete” is just one side of the coin for many players these days.

They’re also entrepreneurs, investors, marketers, philanthropists, and so much more.

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