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Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (August 28-Sept 3)

Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (August 28-Sept 3)

Tim Tebow now owns a professional team, Lebron James + Serena Williams, and the perfectly executed NIL strategy at Ohio State.

Audio Timeline:

0:35 - Feel good stories

  • Lacrosse player makes NFL roster and raising money for baseball disability

2:10 - Business of Athletes/Sports

  • Tim Tebow is investing in a Jacksonville expansion franchise that will compete in The United Soccer League (USL).

  • ALT Sports Data has completed its initial $1.5M Seed Round funding to expand its sports trading and consumer data operations.

  • Nike has generated the highest amount of NFT sales amongst brands, bringing in over $183M.

  • Yankee Global Enterprises will purchase a minority stake in defending Serie A champions AC Milan. Lebron James and Drake are part-owners through their partnership with Main Street Advisors.

  • SeatGeek is now valued at over $1B after completing their $238M Series E led by Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith, Accel, Arctos Sports Fund, and Wellington Management.

  • Minor League baseball groups will now have an opportunity to unionize with the help of an MLBPA campaign launched in partnership with Advocates for Minor Leaguers.

  • Predictive analytics company nVenue has received $1 million in new strategic funding from EBCI Holdings.

9:45 - Name, Image, and Likeness

  • Pro athlete paying college athletes to promote himself (it’s strange)

  • South Carolina’s innovative in-house NIL development

  • Quarterback buys the entire team $500 suits

Interesting Stat

When Serena won her first US Open match...

20 years on at Flushing Meadows: The story of Serena Williams' first Slam
  • Tom Brady had not thrown his first Michigan TD pass.

  • LeBron James had not made his high school debut.

  • Gregg Popovich was 106th on the all-time wins list.

  • Tim Duncan was the reigning NBA rookie of the year.

Short Passage of The Week:

This Month, I Will…

  1. Be honest with myself.

  2. Lean into the beauty of self-trust.

  3. Cultivate daily moments to experience joy.

  4. Release all habits that diminish my power.

  5. Let go of limiting beliefs that do not serve me.

Passage by The Daily Coach


Here’s a thought-provoker:

Personally, I agree that society will consume less alcohol going forward (but don’t think it will become as taboo as cigarettes).

Kids smoke vapes and e-cigarettes at an alarmingly high rate.

And alcohol consumption is less for two reasons:

  • not as many blue-collar workers

  • more marijuana use

Every generation has its vices — they evolve and show up in slightly different ways.

Financial Jargon

When it comes to money, we all have unique mindsets…

Iman Shumpert’s belief system is one many of us have (but maybe don’t realize) 👇


I’m a firm believer in making “self-investments”.

If you’re able to spend $500/month on clothes…why not invest in your side hustle, business, or career skills?

If you have no problem dropping $20 on candy at the gas station…why not the new book or yoga class?

Investing in yourself is powerful (and has an extremely high ROI)!


“Resist the urge to obsessively compare your life journey — which you know intimately well, compared to other people’s highlight reels — which you see in passing.” - Michell C. Clark

Thanks for tuning in today!

Have an awesome Labor Day weekend — take some time to relax and clear your mind, you earned it.

We’ll talk again on Wednesday.



Extra Credit

I had a great conversation with Merav Savir about the business of athletes and future of sports.

Infront Labs hosts one of Europe’s top sports podcasts so it was an honor to be included.

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