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Weekly Roundup: Athlete X Sports Business Stories (April 10-16)

Weekly Roundup: Athlete X Sports Business Stories (April 10-16)

$25k if under 365 lbs, Mid-Major NIL Deals, Antonio Brown Will Pay a Team $20 million, and Eye-Opening MLB Valuations

The Petcash Post is a daily report that breaks down the business of athletes, sports, and NIL.

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Audio Timeline:

1:05 - Feel good stories: 102 Marathons in 102 days, Jrue Holiday

1:58 - NIL: Clemson, Robinhood, Kansas basketball, UCF

5:18 - Athlete Biz/Investments - James Harden, Drake, Floyd Mayweather X Antonio Brown, WNBA, and $25,000 to be under 365 pounds

8:35 - Sports Tech/Biz: Pickeball, Fifa+, Trace technology, USFL, NFL meets crypto and flag football

13:53 - Convo with Binghamton basketball’s Dan Petcash about NIL and endorsement deals at the Division 1 mid major level

Interesting Stat(s)

The average MLB franchise is now worth $2.31 billion, up 5% from 2021, according to Sportico's latest valuations.

The Yankees are valued at $7.01 billion, making them the most valuable team across all global sports leagues.

Another cool development:

University of Central Florida’s football team is putting QR codes on the back of their spring jerseys.

UCF’s John Rhys Plumlee shows off team’s QR code-emblazoned spring jersey.
Image via UCF Football

When scanned, it will direct you to the player’s bio on the UCF athletics website. Fans can then find links to a player’s social media profiles and stores to purchase their own player-branded merchandise.

It’s nice to see universities getting creative with NIL and assisting athletes with monetization.

Short Passage of The Week

You can’t spread your wings if you live in a cocoon. 

Most human beings find comfort living their lives in a protective cocoon of certainty. But in choosing risk-free existences, we pass up life-enriching challenges and adventures. 

Practicing these 3 lifestyle mindsets can help us maximize our time on Earth while making life more fulfilling and meaningful:

Give yourself time ― You’re never too old to cultivate and live your dreams. You can follow your heart’s desire at any time.

Live your own life ― Choosing a path in life to please others is usually not sustainable. Living in truth always sets us free. Listen to your inner voice and stay true to yourself.

Stay present ― Life is the greatest teacher. Be conscious of the people and events around you. You can miss out on valuable experiences if you’re constantly thinking about the future. Immerse yourself in the present moment while challenging the status quo.

Source: Ann Hiatt, Bet on Yourself

Recommended Media

I came across a great article by Vanderbilt women’s lacrosse player Cailin Bracken.

“A Letter to College Sports”

Read Here

In this piece, she describes the dark side of college athletics (that most of the outside world doesn’t understand). I highly recommend that you take 5 minutes to read this — there are a ton of insightful thoughts.

Did you know that nearly 30% of female and 25% of male collegiate student-athletes report having anxiety?


I eat chicken basically everyday — so this thread was fascinating and also eye-opening for me 👀

I enjoyed this one from Josh as well 👇

The All Blacks are a fascinating case study of we > me in sports.

A recent survey from Everfi shows that 65% of the students left high school without ever taking a personal finance course. 

According to the National Center on Education, 30% of high school students and 80% of college students work while they’re in school — and this doesn’t count playing a sport as a job (which we know it is).

The point being:

Not enough parents are talking to their kids about money.

Not enough schools are providing the proper resources and education.

And as a result, not enough young people know how to properly manage their money.


“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” - John F. Kennedy


I appreciate you reading The Petcash Post on a consistent basis!

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Extra Credit

In case you missed this during the week — it sparked a lot of interesting debate in the comments, but especially in my DM’s.

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