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The NCAA's New Rules, Facebook Entering NIL, and NBA Players Cheated Out of $5M

The NCAA's New Rules, Facebook Entering NIL, and NBA Players Cheated Out of $5M

Weekly Athlete x Sports Business Roundup for Feb 20-26th.

Audio Timeline:

0:41 - NIL deal helps a mother see her son play for the first time

1:24 - Lebron’s oldest son signs his first endorsement deal

2:27 - Former NBA players get cheated out of their $5M investment

4:40 - New York sports betting update (billions exchanged)

5:22 - Jason Terry signs with unique 1-on-1 personal training company

6:14 - Stats behind college athletes in the olympics

6:57 - Two new NCAA rules: Marijuana and AAU basketball

8:36 - Two NIL stories: $10k baseball deal and Meta’s partnership

11:06 - Bill Belichick’s scholarship for HS athletes, Wave Sports x Antetokounmpo


Check this out. Some cool new tech out of baseball.

I put out a thread of statements made by Ukrainian and Russian athletes + how you can help support them.

Short Passage of The Week


Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to train our minds to focus.

  • When you are working, lock in.

  • When you're training, lock in.

  • When you’re at dinner, lock in.

  • When you’re listening to the feelings of a loved one, lock in. 

  • When you're meditating, lock in.

We only experience love, beauty, and things that are true in the present moment. If we don’t have the ability to be present and lock in long enough, we miss the important moments in life. The only moment is now, lock in. 

- Dr. Michael Gervais, High-Performance Psychologist

Recommended Show

“Jeen-Yuhs” - Kanye West’s New Documentary

Netflix Kanye West 'jeen-yuhs' probes his Donda grief, mental illness

This new doc is well-made and very inspirational. Although it is entertainer focused, anyone with plans to do big things in life will enjoy the hustle.

My main takeaways:

  • dream big

  • don’t let others define who you are

  • stay loyal to those who are in your corner from day one

You can watch it here on Netflix.

Interesting Stat

Rate of Return Matters - Investing

The math of percentages shows that as losses get larger, the return necessary to recover to break-even increases at a much faster rate. 

A loss of 10 percent necessitates an 11 percent gain to get back to even….

Increase that loss to 25 percent and it takes a 33 percent gain to get back to even.

If your returns average 5 percent per year after the loss, it can take almost 7 years to get back to even….

What To Keep An Eye On This Week

  1. The MLB lockout and its major monetary implications

  2. Increased sanctions against Russian national teams

  3. Conference tournaments for men’s and women’s NCAA basketball begin this week. March Madness is here! Expect to see new NIL deals come out before the dance begins.


50 Running Quotes to Help You Power Through Any Workout

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

March is here. 1/6 of 2022 is done.

Keep moving the needle forward.


Profluence Sports by Andrew Petcash
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