Jun 13, 2022

The LIV/PGA Tour Breakdown You've Been Waiting For

Everything you need to know about LIV + PGA Tour

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Andrew Petcash
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Happy Monday,

Decided to change it up for today’s post…

I got probably a dozen emails/DM’s over the weekend asking for a breakdown of the situation taking place in golf between LIV and the PGA Tour.

LIV Golf Series vs PGA Tour rules differences explained: Number of rounds  and payouts » FirstSportz

As I’m sure you can imagine, these in-depth breakdowns take a lot of time and research.

As I began to jot out some notes I realized it was going to be a really long article.

It made more sense to do these two things:

  1. Record a podcast breaking it down

  2. Provide you with some articles for further reading

I recorded the podcast alongside my friend Jared Doerfler who covers the business of golf at Perfect Putt.

You can listen to that above by:

  • Clicking “Listen Now”

  • If you prefer to listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify press “Open in Player” or “Listen On”

Here are the segments we covered with timestamps:

0:00 - Intro to LIV + recap of their 1st event

3:35 - Tarnishing the legacy of golfers?

6:40 - Current process from college to pro golf

10:15 - 250th NBA player vs. 250th PGA Tour player

13:35 - Would teams work in pro golf?

17:30 - Greg Norman and the Saudis

23:40 - The future of LIV golf

26:45 - Impact on endorsements

30:40 - NIL’s effect on amateur/college golf

Let’s get after it this week!

“Stay away from people who try to disparage your ambitions. Small minds will always do that, but great minds will give you a feeling that you can become great too.” — Mark Twain