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The "Kings" of NIL (100+ Combined Deals)

The "Kings" of NIL (100+ Combined Deals)

An exclusive feature with two college athletes taking advantage of their name, image, and likeness.

I had a great conversation with two young men absolutely crushing the NIL game (100+ deals between the two of them).

Rayquan Smith: Norfolk State

Jack Betts: Amherst College

King of NIL and King of D3 NIL

Audio timestamps:

  • 1:05 - Background intros of Rayquan + Jack

  • 7:35 - Why are brands working with you and not just athletes at big schools?

  • 10:00 - Favorite NIL deal + thoughts on peers getting $1M deals

  • 15:00 - Advice for athletes and brands

  • 18:50 - What entrepreneurial skills have you gained?

  • 25:00 - Future plans for Jack + Rayquan

It was such a refreshing conversation considering all the craziness taking place in college sports right now.

More on them a little bit later (+ some helpful resources) but first, my thoughts on the alleged $9.5M high school NIL deal.

State of Florida + NIL = Craziness

On Monday it was announced that 4 star QB Jaden Rashada signed a $9.5M deal with booster John Ruiz to attend the University of Miami (after turning down an alleged $11M from Florida).

This is the kind of stuff that is going to ruin college sports.

The players deserve to be paid, but quietly.

Texas A&M alums most likely spent $30M on 2022 football recruits, but at least they kept the specific amounts quiet and are not announcing it all over social media.

You protect your players by doing that.

Now the whole world knows that Jaden Rashada is a rich 18-year-old kid with big expectations to withhold.

2023 4-Star QB Jaden Rashada Commits To Miami Hurricanes [INSTANT REACTION]  I CBS Sports HQ - YouTube

What happens if he doesn’t live up to his potential? Gets hurt? Gets benched?

Fans, teammates, coaches, and the media will attack him — not the boosters that paid him.

Be smarter if you’re an agent, booster, lawyer, advisor, or anyone else working hand-to-hand combat in the daily world of NIL (and stop posting everything to social media).

You don’t see tax lawyers talking about their big wins on Twitter or NFL agents talking about how much endorsement money they’ve earned their clients on Tik Tok.

As always…

…it’s the adults muddying the water in sports, not the kids.

The Programs That Will Succeed

There’s an unnamed football program in the Big 12 that is doing NIL the right way.

Local businesses, alums, and donors have come together to get every kid paid equally:

  • $30,000 for all seniors

  • $25,000 juniors

  • $20,000 sophomore

  • $15,000 freshman

The school also hosts an array of camps throughout the summer which helps the players get paid even more.

New Jersey Football Camp

Other than that, your earning potential is up to your social media following and how hard you’re willing to hustle for endorsements.

Programs like this will be the ones that succeed over the long haul.

Schools publicly “auctioning” for players will crumble from within as the culture will deteriorate quickly.

I mean think about it….

How does Miami’s Quarterback Tyler Van Dyke feel that he is only getting paid $60,000 next year compared to a high schooler’s $2.3M/year?

Especially after he already proved himself by earning 2021 ACC Rookie of The Year.

Resources from “The Kings of NIL”

As you might have heard in the conversation, Jack reached out to Rayquan a long time ago and they’ve been helping each other ever since.

They’ve been nice enough to provide some more resources that everyone can benefit from.

1. Email Template For Athletes to Brands

Good Morning, my name is ____ and I am from Dallas, Texas. I play Quarterback for State College competing at the DII level. I am looking for NIL opportunities in which I can become an ambassador for brands of interest. I've amassed 30+ NIL deals this spring including Allbirds, PSD, BodyArmor, ReAthlete, Rhoback, TicketSmarter, and Fanatics. As a result of my success, I've been crowned the King of D2 NIL. This summer, I represented my school as a Student-Athlete Delegate at the Inaugural NIL Summit in Atlanta. Please check my resources below to learn more about me. If opportunities are available, please let me know. I’d love to work together!

Attach the PDF documents below to the email message above 👇

2. NIL Cover Letter

3. NIL Deal List + Sources

4. Other Ventures

Jack Betts’ plan moving forward is to use himself as a resource for other Native American athletes who are interested in getting into the NIL space.

He will do this through zoom calls, alongside Brett Cahwee and NDNsports.

Rayquan Smith is in the process of writing a book to help provide more information to the masses.

He also holds 1-on-1 zoom sessions with athletes, brands, and anyone else looking to make waves in the NIL game. Contact him for more info.

Where to reach Rayquan Smith:


Where to reach Jack Betts:


Both of these young men have a bright future ahead of them — in NIL, academics, athletics, and life.

Speaking of the future…

Today I turned 24 years old. NIL turns 1 in two days. The Petcash Post turns 1 in five weeks’ time.

Lots of big announcements coming throughout the rest of summer. The first one I’ll be revealing this Friday.

Let’s have a great day!



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