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The First Ever Weekly Roundup

The First Ever Weekly Roundup

It's FINALLY HERE! (NIL, Sports Tech, Peak Performers, College Sports, Athletes Crushing Business)

I hope you’re having a great weekend (and are ready to watch some football).

With that said I have some good news!

Thanks to many requests and by popular demand, I have decided to add a weekly roundup to the agenda.

It’s going to continually mold and take its ultimate shape over the coming weeks.

Here’s what I envision it including:

  1. ten minute podcast covering the major news of the week

    • NIL, sports tech, peak performers, athletes crushing business

  2. short reading passage

    • realign, reflect, progress, become a peak performer

  3. some quotes/recommendations/insights

    • set yourself up for success in the week ahead

Like I mentioned before, this will refine itself over time but I see it being a staple that you enjoy reading every week.

I plan on sending out the roundup on Sunday’s to recap the previous week and provide some inspiration for the week ahead.

And with that said, I present to you…

The 1st ever Petcash Post Weekly Roundup

Timeline for the audio:

0:00 - Intro

0:30 - Info on what The Petcash Post roundup will be + who I am

2:17 - Tom Brady is getting more involved in NIL post-retirement

3:11 - Former Pro-athlete goes back to college to play a different sports and is now signing NIL deals

4:40 - The ESPY’s of NIL College Sports

5:40 - The next Instagram (but for crypto) is spending billions on marketing in the sports world and with the most popular basketball player in the world

6:37 - Huge NIL news out of South Carolina

7:00 - The pay-to-play world of NIL collectives and signing HS athletes before they get to college

8:28 - New NIL data shows athletes aren’t making as much money as people originally thought

9:58 - The statistics behind Ohio State’s NIL deals (#1 in all categories across the nation) + their new in-house program helping athletes do more deals

11:34 - Two big NIL partnerships that went down this past week

12:33 - VR + Facebook + Sports + Dunk Contest

13:20 - Wrap up and the plan going forward

Reading Passage

by Mike Deegan

A mentor and friend recently posed an interesting question: What makes elite, elite? 

This question can take you in many different directions. Before you read any further, please take a few minutes and consider how you would answer.

To no one's surprise, I started this exercise considering high performers in sports and business.

In addition, the other lens I explored was thinking about serial winning organizations like Apple and Alabama football.

After reflecting on this question for a few days, here’s where I landed.

1. Genetic or Environmental Advantage

I believe it’s important to acknowledge that the best of the best usually have a great starting point.

For an easy example, the average height of an NBA basketball player in 2021 was a little over 6’6.

The odds are stacked against the person who aspires to play in the NBA who’s under 6-foot.

The same holds true with those who are elite in medicine or business. My hypothesis is they have a higher capacity to learn and retain than the average person.

Environmental advantages usually take some unpacking to understand.

A lot of great coaches grew up with parents who’ve coached. Discussions about leading and x’s and o’s were a part of their daily lives. It’s a built-in advantage. 

2. Obsessed with Improvement

Once you are in certain spaces, it’s amazing how many people have these genetic or environmental gifts.

What I’ve observed from the best of the best is they have an insatiable desire to improve. For these rare people, taking an off-day is hard.

There’s a paranoia that others are getting better while they are not. Even if they aren’t concerned with the competition, the thought of not discovering their absolute best scares them.

This obsession allows them to sacrifice and suffer more than the person who is merely good.

 3. Able to Spot Future Trends 

The elite of the elite use their gifts and obsession to be able to see into the future.

They have a clear vision of where the sport or industry is heading.  

The rest are forced to play catch-up. They try to keep up with industry trends.

The best, however, are a few steps ahead. 

4. High-Level Communicators 

When I think of high level communicators I think of someone who is living in complete alignment.

Their written-words, body language, orator style, and behaviors all line up.

This type of alignment attracts other high-performers to join them on the mission.

The elite of the elite know they cannot do it on their own. Their ability to communicate inspires others to join their team. 


What makes elite, elite?

Do you have a genetic or environmental gift? What’s an area you are obsessed with? Are you able to spot future trends? Have your communication skills inspired others to join the mission? 


“Life is an escalator.  You can move forward or backwards, you cannot remain still.”  - Patricia Russell-McCloud

“Confidence comes from being prepared” - John Wooden

Recommended Reading/Listening

“The Comfort Crisis” by Michael Easter.

I first heard of this book on Joe Rogan’s podcast. It’s fantastic - truly changes the way you think about your life.

Michael Easter on The Comfort Crisis - YouTube

Here’s the podcast:

Joe Rogan / Michael Easter Podcast

Here’s the book:

The Comfort Crisis Book

The first month of the year is almost over.

Let’s start February on a roll!


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