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NCAA Paying Employees $0, Tom Brady, and Athletes Filing Taxes

NCAA Paying Employees $0, Tom Brady, and Athletes Filing Taxes

Weekly Athlete x Sports Business Roundup for March 20-26.

Audio Timeline:

0:00 - Housekeeping + Roundup Updates

0:38 - Two “Feel Good” Sports Stories

1:51 - NIL Updates: Urban Meyer & Adidas

2:45 - Daymond John on the NCAA, Archie Miller, and the NCPA

5:24 - Athletes making Business Moves: Ronaldo, Dybala, etc

7:01 - NFT’s, Betting, DAO’s and Sports Tech Developments

9:20 - NYC Athletes and the Wrap Up

Interesting Stat(s)

From 2011 to 2021, the minimum salary of a MLB player increased by $156,500.

The MLB collective bargaining agreement signed on 3/10/2022 increased the minimum salary for the 2022 baseball season by $129,500 (from $570,500 to $700,000).

The most Babe Ruth made in any one MLB season was $80,000 in 1931.

Shoutout to subscriber Scott Thompson for sending over these stats.

Here’s one more:

The New Hampshire Lottery reported that Tom Brady’s announcement that he will “unretire” has resulted in a 1,000% rise in total bets and a 2,900% increase in money bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the 2023 Super Bowl.

Short Passage of The Week

If you want more passion and joy in your life right now, do something about it right now.

Put your heart and soul into something!

Not into “the next opportunity,” but the small opportunity right in front of you.

Not into tomorrow’s work, but today’s work.

Not into tomorrow’s workout, but today’s workout.

Not into tomorrow’s relationships, but today’s relationships.

I’m certain you have plenty in your life right now that’s worth living for. You have people and lots of little circumstances you’re taking for granted. You have an endless reservoir of untapped potential within you, just waiting.

Stop waiting!

There is no next opportunity, only the one you have at this moment.

Put your heart and soul into what you’ve got right in front of you. Make it a habit! 

By: Angel Chernoff 

Recommended Media

Interesting article I read this past week involving 20 sports tech ideas.

Technology Will Change the Future of Professional Sports! - The Medical  Futurist

The trends seem to be:

  • Fan Engagement

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Athletic Performance

  • Media/Content


Super interesting thread that could also have a major impact on college sports going forward👇

Came across this one as well — great tips by Sorin

Did you know that college athletes who make over $400 from NIL deals will need to file a tax return?

Some mistakenly assume that if they are under the standard deduction amount, they do not need to file. But that is only if they are an employee who receives a W2 form, which again, NIL athletes are not!

So if you earn more than $400, you will need to file a Form 1040 in April.

What To Keep An Eye On This Week

  1. Bigger endorsement deals for men’s and women’s basketball players as we head in to the Final Four

  2. More state legislation regarding transgender athletes

  3. News coming out of the NCAA or NCPA regarding paying college athletes


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Extra Credit

Igoudala is at the forefront of NBA players getting involved in tech investments.

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