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Millions Spent on NIL, NCAA Athletes As Employees, and Crypto x NFT Sports Partnerships

Millions Spent on NIL, NCAA Athletes As Employees, and Crypto x NFT Sports Partnerships

Weekly Athlete x Sports Business Roundup for February 27- March 5.

Audio Timeline:

0:38 - Big Companies Spending Millions on College Athletes

2:11 - Highest Paid Female Athletes + Most Googled Athletes

3:45 - How Much Money MLB Players Are Losing During The Lockout

4:46 - Former Athletes Talk About Poor Financial Decisions

6:30 - Russian Sports Sanctions, Fanatics, and NFT x NIL partnership

7:45 - Staggering Numbers Out of New York’s Sport Betting

8:38 - Cryptocurrency Sports Partnerships Report

9:41 - Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Want To Be Employees

11:08 - A College Athlete Receiving Equity On Top of NIL


Pretty cool segment here about the advanced analytics the New York Giants are using for the 2022 NFL Draft.

Check this out 👇

Short Passage of The Week

Essentials For Growth

  • Proper rest + more learning

  • Making time to build self-awareness

  • Consistent honesty + building new habits

  • Letting go of old stories + saying no to old patterns

  • Believing that you can change + saying yes to supportive people

  • Examining your emotional history + finding a practice to heal past pain

-By Yung Pueblo, in Clarity & Connection

Recommended Media

Very inspirational video right here.

What are your excuses?

Good Read

How NIL is Setting Athletes Up For Life

Enjoyed this article that focuses primarily on female athletes and how they’re leveraging NIL deals to be successful post-sports.

What’s wild is some of them are even receiving equity in the companies they are promoting.

Interesting Stat

The S&P 500 index acts as a benchmark of the performance of the U.S. stock market overall.

The index has returned a historic annualized average return of around 10.5% since its 1957 inception through 2022.

S&P 500 History Chart

Lebron James’ rookie contract earned him ~$400,000/month. If he invested 10% or $40,000 a month consistently in to the S&P 500 for the last 19 years it would be worth….

$29 million.

The power of compounding.

What To Keep An Eye On This Week

  1. More NIL deals for college basketball players as March Madness bids are clinched and what major companies get involved.

  2. The MLB and if they reach an agreement to end the lockout.

  3. Increased sanctions for the Russian sports world.


No rest is worth anything except the rest that is earned - StoreMyPic

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Here’s a cool investment calculator to play around with:

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