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May 26, 2023Liked by Andrew Petcash

NIL: A New Era in College Sports

It all started with a tweet. A simple message from a college athlete, expressing his frustration with the restrictions placed on his ability to profit from his own name, image, and likeness (NIL). That tweet sparked a movement, a groundswell of support from athletes across the country who were tired of being told they couldn't make a dime off their own hard work and talent.

The NCAA had long maintained strict rules around NIL, prohibiting athletes from accepting any compensation beyond their scholarships. But as the world changed around them, it became clear that these rules were outdated and unfair. Athletes were expected to pour their hearts and souls into their sport, all while generating billions of dollars for their schools and the NCAA, without any share of the profits.

The tide began to turn in 2019, when California passed the first NIL law, allowing college athletes in the state to profit from their NIL starting in 2023. Other states quickly followed suit, and the pressure on the NCAA to change its rules only grew.

Finally, in July of 2021, the NCAA announced that it would allow athletes to profit from their NIL, effective immediately. It was a seismic shift in the world of college sports, and one that had been a long time coming.

Now, college athletes across the country are free to sign endorsement deals, monetize their social media accounts, and even start their own businesses. It's a new era in college sports, one that gives athletes the freedom and opportunity they deserve. And it all started with a tweet.

I do not think we need over regulation, but the student athletes should have an educational session before jumping into NIL deals. Profluence Sports is first step in providing more knowledge.

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