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Esports is also big in India now https://indiacyberteam.in/

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As Much as I would love to see India's Growth in the Sports Business, I can't overlook the reality of how poorly the Country of India is dealing with so many other issues. I'm not a Conservationalist, Enviromentalist, Eco-Warrior, Naturalist, or any such thing, but I simply can't overlook the present state of India when it comes to their Water Contamination, Waste Removal structure, Holestic Educational Structure, and major Classism problems.

Therefore, how can I advocate investing so much Capital for the Growth of the Sporting Industry in India when 70% of the people would not be able to partake in the support of the Sport in question because of socio-economic limitations?

I happen to really like India, for it's beauty and its people, but time and time again I'm met with the same anwers while they shrug-off such major questions to continue the status quo of their current Social Structure and exceedingly poor environmental conditions.

I was once asked a few piercing questions by an Elite Financial Guru that I know and he asked the following questions of me: "If I owned a Filtered Water Bottling Company, would I want them to fix the Contaminated Water issue in India, or would I want the Contaminated Water to persist?" Obviously the answer is clear. He then continued and asked me; "If you were within the ruling economic group of India, would you open the means in which the talented individuals may overtake your current position, or would you continue to make it exceedingly difficult if not impossible for them to do so?" Once again, the answer is Obvious indeed for those of a lower moral & ethical aptitude.

In addition, the Chinese are beginning to secure contracts within India, as the Chinese are beginning to lose ground internationally, so they may Fool the World into thinking that the manufacturing process is solely Indian in origin, but in fact The Chinese Govt. is funding/backing these new Companies and setting up their Contracts to benefit the Chinese Govt. in totality.

Forgive me for permitting my response to become somewhat Geo-Political, but I cannot overlook the truth of what is actually taking place in India currently.

I wish India all the best in growing their Sports Industry in sincerity.

God Bless Everyone


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Completely agree.

IPL teams are now looking elsewhere too: some franchises own cricket teams in the Caribbean, South Africa (every SA20 franchise was owned by an Indian franchise), the UAE, and even the United States

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Nice article. 👏🏽

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Solid report brother!

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Interesting article, and India is obviously a huge country with great potential. But I wonder what barriers there are to American investment and innovation in India. For example, is it safe to invest in Indian ventures? How easy is it to introduce outside tech to India? How easy and safe is it to move money in and out of India? Seems to be great potential, but a lot of unknown/undefined risk.

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Meh. Without athletes, it’s hard to grow sports. Who wants to see low quality Indian soccer, when Premier League is right there? And India doesn’t really produce athletes outside of cricket. It’s a chicken and egg problem.

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which stock .. etf to invest in ?

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