An inside look at the BIG business of youth sports
Recapping Nike's Epic Journey to $33 billion and World Domination.
The NCAA system needs some adjusting, especially when 5 college athletes have committed suicide in less than two months.
Weekly Roundup: Business of Athletes, Sports, & NIL (May 15-21)Listen now (12 min) | A-Rod's big investment, college coaches get heated over NIL, and some wild new tech coming to sports
Breakdown of athlete investments in crypto, wine, weed, and digital collectibles.
Breaking down the 100 highest-paid athletes 2022
Did you know that college football and men's basketball players in major conferences could expect to earn a minimum of $50,000/year? Five-star recruits…
Weekly Roundup: NIL, Business of Athletes and Sports (May 8-14)Listen now (13 min) | Ohio State RB, NIL millionaires, Tom Brady and Naomi Osaka pull big time moves
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